Currency Exchange Transaction Process

Cash Transaction

For customers with cash, decide the sort and amount of currency for selling or buying. The exchange transaction could only be completed after you confirm the real-time transaction rate.


Non-Cash Transaction

For customers with Debit Card or Money Order/Bank Draft as their payment tool, may consign to MTT Centre and confirm the real-time transaction rate. MTT Centre would present the exchanged amount to the customer right after the receipt confirmation of customer’s fund.

  • MTT Centre Currency exchange accepts the following forms of payment: CAD DEBIT CARD, CAD Money Order/Bank Draft;
  • MTT Centre available selections include the following forms of payment: cheque payment, bank draft, domestic accounts transfer and international accounts transfer.

Non-cash transaction customers enjoy much more preferential exchange rates.

(TipsŒŒ: Those who hold DEBIT CARD, please kindly see the same day limitation your bank has restricted to withdraw.)


Margin Trading

Margin Trading means customers open a special entrust & invest account with an amount of money deposited (security) as your guarantee through an agreement signed with MTT Centre. MTT Centre is committed to enact credit operating rates (that is the 10 times leverage effect) that investors will be free to buy and sell same value sight exchange within limitation of their amount.

It is a must that customers should complete money transaction with MTT Centre within 2 working days. Otherwise, the relative trading would be dealt with based on the violation of the agreement. Margin Trading let the small amount of investors take the advantage of their fairly small funds to bid for fairly big amount of foreign currency trading.


Foreign Currency Buy-back Guarantee

At MTT Centre, CUSTOMERS are always FIRST. Rooted in this concept, MTT Centre in particular has created a Foreign Currency Buy-back Guarantee service for the purpose of benefiting the tour customers to decrease the rate risk. Customers that bought foreign currency for the aim of traveling can sell back the amount to MTT based on the trading rate within one month starting from the day of buying. For this service, buyers need to show their proof of exchange and the amount is limited to the value of CAD300.00.