Money Transfer

RMB Remittance

As an agent for settlement, MTT Centre has set up close relations with major commercial banks in China. That helps exchange your Canadian Dollars and remit them into your designated RMB account. The up-to-date and convenient tool aims at assisting you for your payment of the goods import and web-purchasing, as well as your family support.

For the solutions of your daily expenses in living and studying, you may through your MTT Centre’s designated account exchange your RMB in China’s banks into Canadian Dollars and remit to your CAD account in Canada. As for the big amount of remittance, you would enjoy more favorable fee.


World Major Currencies Remittance

MTT Centre guarantees that any kind of your currencies is securely and swiftly sent to your designated bank account by adopting the world advanced SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) system.