Currency Exchange

The real-time exchange rates offered by MTT Centre catch up world money market trend that help you insure the grasp of multi-currency pricing info momentarily. The rates for exchange are always the most competitive that even the big banks can not compare!

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Chinese Currency Exchange

MTT Centre provides the most preferential rates for Chinese Currency (RMB) Exchange either you are in need of exchanging your RMB into Canadian Dollars or other currencies, or other currencies for RMB for your purpose of going to China for traveling, working, living, studying or goods-importing.


World Major Currencies Exchange

The exchange for world major currencies provided by MTT Centre include U.S. Dollar, Great British Pound, Euro, Japan Yen, Hong Kong Dollar, Australia Dollar, New Zealand Dollar and many more. With all-kinds of exchange for world currencies and competitive rates at MTT Centre, your trip to any part of the world would be smooth and pleasant.


South East Asian Currencies Exchange

You badly need a secure and trustworthy firm to exchange your hard-earned Canadian Dollar or other major currencies into what you want. MTT Centre is not only able to help you exchange them into Vietnamese Dong, Malaysian Ringgit, Thailand Baht, Philippine Peso, Indian Rupee and Pakistan Rupee, but also securely and swiftly send your money to your families or business in South East Asian countries.