Global Money Transfer Transaction Process

MTT Centre has been adopting the advantage of its own remittance settlement platform to provide its customers the following Express Remittance service: Canadian Dollar, U.S. Dollar, RMB, HK Dollar, Euro and British Pound.

Outgoing Remittance Flow

Cash Transaction

To fill in the Remittance Application at MTT Centre, hand in transfer amount and charge fee, then your cash would be remitted;


Non-Cash Transaction

You consign to MTT Centre the amount that you intend to remit by using your DEBIT CARD, Money Order/Bank Draft. Right after MTT affirming the receipt of your amount, your desired amount would be remit based on your demand. MTT Centre accepts the following forms of payment: CAD DEBIT CARD, CAD Money Order/Bank Draft.

Non-cash trading customers enjoy much more preferential exchange rates.

(Tips: Those who hold DEBIT CARD, please kindly check the same day limitation your bank has restricted to withdraw.)


RMB Incoming Transfer

If you have RMB in your bank account inChina, MTT Centre may help you exchange and transfer them into your designated CAD or USD accounts inCanadaor you may simply withdraw the cash.


MTT Centre sincerely welcomes customers, individuals or companies, from all walks of life or different fields to be MTT Centre members. Priorities for the members are more. Besides exchange rates, there are other beneficial services for the member customers.

To apply for the members, you may either come to MTT Centre, filling in the Private Customer Registration Application or Company Client Registration Application, or download the applications from our websites;

Provide & show your picture ID for setting up your file. MTT Centre accepts the following ID: Driving License, Passport, PR Card & Citizen Card;

MTT Centre registered members may enjoy preferential service right away.